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  • Camo Collar & Cuffs Colt BDSM Camo Collar & Cuffs Colt BDSM

    Camo Collar & Cuffs Colt BDSM

    In Stock

    Adjustable camo collar and cuffs by designers Colt. Easy to use Main materials: cotton, PU, non tarnishing ironA design by Colt

    59,20 € tax incl.
  • Cock&Balls Harness Leather Cock&Balls Harness Leather

    Cock&Balls Harness Leather

    In Stock

    This harness is adjustable to fit most men. This harness has a 3 snap strap that goes around the cock and balls, another strap that fits securely under the penis and a third strap that goes between the balls acting as a divide between your balls.   Material: Leather and metal snaps.

    20,90 € tax incl.
  • Colt Anal Douche Colt Anal Douche

    Colt Anal Douche

    In Stock

    The COLT Anal Douche is an easy-to-use system designed for quick cleaning.    It is both simple and pleasurable and may be used with or without the ribbed attachment.   Brand : Colt

    22,90 € tax incl.
  • Colt Anal Shower Dildo Colt Anal Shower Dildo

    Colt Anal Shower Dildo

    In Stock

    Colt Anal Shower Dildo is a simple device for anal hygiene.   Colt Shower Dildo is a soft rubber spraying dildo that acts as an extremely effective douche and an erotic anal toy all in one.   

    32,90 € tax incl.
  • Colt Expander Butt Plug 9 x 10 cm Colt Expander Butt Plug 9 x 10 cm

    Colt Expander Butt Plug 9 x 10 cm

    In Stock

    Colt Expander Plug is made out of phthalate-free TPR, a material offering the perfect balance of firmness, suppleness and comfort. Once inside, the two halves will expand, filling you. Flexible for easy insertion. Overall length: 9 cmUsable length: 7.5 cmDiameter (when tightened): 5.7 cmDiameter (when expanded): 10 cm approximatelyMaterial:...

    22,00 € tax incl.
    25,00 € tax incl. -2,50 €
  • Colt Inflatable Butt Plug Colt Inflatable Butt Plug

    Colt Inflatable Butt Plug

    In Stock

    Colt Inflatable Butt Plug   Colt Inflatable Butt Plug is made of soft and pliable latex.   Colt Inflatable Butt Plug is an expandable butt plug that inflates to meet your needs.    Soft rubber pressure bulb for fast inflation.  Easy to use push button purge valve.  Pliable rubber tubing.    Length : 11.45 cm Diameter : 3.80 cm

    28,90 € tax incl.
    31,90 € tax incl. -2,50 €
  • Colt Metal Vibrator - 17.5 cm

    Colt Metal Vibrator - 18 cm x 2.5 cm

    In Stock

    Colt Metal Vibrator - 18 cmA stylish Vibrator and designed to aim at current fashion.   Its incorporated vibrator stimulates effectively and provides both anal pleasure and relaxation.Requires 2 x R14 batteries (included)Overall length: 18 cm Diameter at its widest point: 2.5 cm

    15,95 € tax incl.
  • COLT Masturbateur COLT Masturbateur

    Masturbator Colt - Wanking Toy

    In Stock

    Super tight, soft, and stretchy masturbator with 2 rows of strategically placed power beads for stimulation, and a ribbed chamber for superior suction. A very good Wanking Toy!  

    21,90 € tax incl.