Inflatable Love Dolls

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  • Men Love Doll Gary

    Men Love Doll Gary

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    Your never-tiring super lover! Inflatable love boy with deep mouth, tight anus and lifelike vibrating penis (20.5cm long and 3-4 cm diameter). His penis is removable.  Black hair and chest hair are printed on.  Material: PVC

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  • Inflatable Doll Brandy
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    Inflatable Doll Brandy

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    Brandy has a 3D face with blonde synthetic hair.Brandy has 3 holes (pussy, mouth and anus).Luscious Brandy keeps her mouth wide open and has large breasts with hard nipples.Life size.Standing posture inflatable doll. Main composition : PVCPhthalate-freeMade by NMC

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  • Inflatable Male Doll Mista Cool XXX

    Inflatable Male Doll Mista Cool XXX

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    Mista Cool XXX is an inflatable male doll made out of PVC. Real life size. His penis is 20 cm long when inflated. Penetrable anal hole. Face and chest are both printed. Ideal for both women and men. Material: PVC A design by You 2 Toys

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  • Realistic Male Torso with Anus and Flexible Penis Realistic Male Torso with Anus and Flexible Penis

    Realistic Male Torso with Anus and Flexible Penis

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    Realistic male torso with flexible penis and anus made out of phthalate-free realistic touch skin material. Apply a water-based or a silicone-based lube only.Overall length: 51 cm approx. Width: 30 cm environ Usable length of the penis: 18 cm approx. Diameter of the penis at widest point : 4 cm approx. Net weight: 8.800 kg approx. Material:...

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